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Bald Head Island Parking

Daily Parking rates will increase $1.00 effective June 14, 2021. This increase in Daily Parking rates represents only the second time since June 2, 2009 (when Deep Point opened) that Daily Parking rates have been increased. The last time Daily Parking rates were increased was in July 2019. During the past twelve months numerous upgrades and improvements have been made to the Deep Point parking facilities to include; (a) complete upgrade of the parking software system (enables the ability to move from paper tickets to electronic ticketing); (b) all new gate hardware; (c) expanding General Lot by 170 spaces; and, (d) expanding-upgrading lot infrastructure.

Daily parking rates at Deep Point will be raised by $1.00 effective June 14, 2021:

General Lot: The General Lot Daily Rate will increase by $1.00 from the current amount of $11.00 to $12.00 (first 2-hour grace period - no charge);

Contractor Lot: The Contractor Lot Daily Rate will increase by $1.00 from the current $9.00 to $10.00 (first 2-hour grace period - no charge);

Annual Parking Rates: Annual Parking rates will remain in effect thru December 31, 2021.

When arriving at Deep Point you will need to first drop off your luggage at the ferry terminal and then enter the general lot. A ticket is issued from an electronic parking device upon entering the lot. You will need to present this ticket to the parking lot attendant for cash payment, or an automated terminal for credit card, upon exiting the lot, then come around and pickup your luggage at the lower level. A lost ticket fee will apply with NO refunds. A 90 use Ticketed Lots Coupon is also available for those who work on the island.
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